Global Sports $1500 Sneaker Artwork

Global Sports $1500 Custom Sneaker Artwork

Based on the Custom Made Sneaker we have featured in our earlier post we have asked Bianca Gubalke from South Africa to let that Custom Kick evolve into Artwork. May I call it “Kick Art” or “Art Kick”?

Custom Kick Art

Advertising is one thing, art is another and combining Art and Advertising is just one of the most exciting adventures. No wonder that luxury brands often spend thousands for the creation of an image, a photo or the digital treatment of graphics.

Bianca Gubalke’s Global Kick Artwork

Here is the result of the evolution around the Nike Air Max Swarovski Custom Sneaker:

Global Kick Copyright and courtesy Bianca Gubalke

Global Kick Copyright and courtesy Bianca Gubalke

Click HERE to see it bigger and imagine this peace of Artwork in poster size or bigger!

Can you recognize the different elements of the Global Sports logo, from the wings in inverse colors to the G? And can you see Omarion in the translucent globe and finally the kick evolving out of the sphere? Can you see deep inside the sphere the basic design of the kick’s black and white features…and there is more.

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