Semiomantics Optimization for Facebook

Can Semiomantics optimize Facebook?

The trouble with Facebook is that we are not in absolute control of our Facebook pages. This is namely disturbing for Semiomantics which has a solid reputation in SEO and namely in as much as Google is concerned. Any Semiomantics signed site and page finds its way to visibility.

Testing Facebook Page Optimization

In the past we have been testing Facebook page optimization with mixed success till we found a way to make them visible and to code them in a more attractive way for Search Engines. The additional challenge was then to integrate such optimization with the Semiomantics Publishing frameworks.

Facebook Optimization with Semiomantics

Nobody wants to sit in Facebook and fine-tune pages. However we can code our feeds in a way to attract and to please Google when they hit our coded Facebook pages.

Semiomantics Evo Combo on Facebook

Semiomantics Evo Combo on Facebook

The purpose of the exercise is double: with Semiomantics we can steer to a certain extent which of our pages should be privileged on Search Engines and under a given keyword. Would this work with a Facebook page?

The second challenge was to get the Facebook page up on Google in a significant place compared with competing pages (even from Semiomantics).

This simple example on an insignificant key-phrase shows what is actually happening and I guess we can say: we have passed the test!

Semiomantics Evo on Facebook and Google

Semiomantics Evo on Facebook and Google

One Post – 2800 Google entries

Another interesting effect: doing a narrow search on “Semiomantics Evolution Combo” returns 2880 results. This has been achieved with one single post on my Semiomantics blog.¬† No comment.