Twy2 Social Network Marketing Tool for Twitter

Twy2 Twitter Network Builder

New Twitter Marketing Tool for Online Network Builders, Twy2 will hit the market later today.

This little application is built to help you expanding your Twitter Network and to convert your Social Media Marketing into leads, traffic and sales.

This week’s YORGOO Calls (daily at 9 pm London Time at yorGOtalk) will deal with setting up your Twy2 as well as we will show you how to use the tool to expand your existing business and social network.

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Make Money on Twitter with Twy2

Twy2 is a free give away. Users get it in exchange for a message to their Twitter. Built in “Follow me” is optional and welcome. While the first release will simply promote Twy2 itself, every user of Twy2 is free to target an own give away, an opt-in page, a lead generator, a promo site or whatever you like to bring in front of your friends. Twy2 is a Money Maker to be used with Twitter.

Viral Marketing on Twitter

Every person who grabs your freebie, promotes automatically your target site. On Twitter, this can fast explode to a real buzz.

Support for Twy2

Please post support requests, testimonials and your ideas about how to use Twy2 as comments to my Blog HERE


Make sure you provide value to your target prospects and friends.

How to use Twy2: Example

I use Twy2 as a free give away providing Networkers with the hottest tool to expand their Twitter Network in a legitimate way. The targeted download site is YORGOO, my lead generator. Prospects will log in and download their Twy2.

Get the idea? :-).

You can use your Twy2 exactly in the same way by targeting your YORGOO.

Join our Calls and you will see that there is no limit about how to create a buzz on Twitter promoting your Services, Products or Business.

Free Hosting for Twy2

If you need hosting for your Twy2, please contact us at yorGOhelp and we will host your Twy2 for free.

We are looking forward to your comments, testimonials and success with Twy2.