WordPress Hosting by ChiHosters

WordPress Hosting by ChiHosters

For years we have been hosting self-hosted WordPress installations at unbeatable $35 per year for unlimited hosting. We are no longer in a position to keep this rate, as the recent WordPress versions need much more server resources, namely memory, than what we were using a few years back.

While we have been able to subsidize the installations up to this point, this will no longer be possible to the same extent and we will need to modify our pricing to be able to continue to provide the hosting services for self-hosted WordPress websites.

Eat or be Eaten.

Eat or be Eaten.

1. ChiHosters Unlimited

Our Blockbuster package will pass to $55 per year, whereas we will keep the service as is for the time being; we may need to cap on some features in the future.

2. ChiHosters for Semiomantics Customers

Due to the exceptional use of server resources on full pack Semiomantics, Semiomantics customers will have to subscribe to an appropriate hosting pack at $29.95 per months, where we guarantee the necessary resources to run the sites.

3. ChiHosters Virtual Host

Depending on Disk space needed the price will be 59.95 to 129.95 per month.

4. Dedicated Server

No Change.

5. ChiHosters Reseller Servers

No change.

6. Ycademy Author Hosting

Free for as long as you are an Ycademy Pro. The package is the same for Semiomantics Customers, however limited to 1 domain.

7. YORGOO Press

Only for Ycademy Pros. YORGOO Press will move to a new server unit.

8. New Pricing as from October 15, 2009

The new pricing will be implemented as from October 15, 2009.

9. Upgrade

Upgrades need to be done by October 15, 2009 as otherwise your service may be disrupted.

10. Leaving ChiHosters

If you prefer to look for another host for your site, please feel free to do so and be sure of our full support you may need to successfully migrating. We will not migrate your site, however we will cooperate with your new host to make it a smooth move. Please contact support for any issue you may want us to address.

11. Price Comparison

ChiHosters remain by far the cheapest host for high power WordPress installations.

More soon.