Color of the year 2013

Emerald is Color of the Year 2013

Pantone did it again: they selected Emerald as THE color of the year 2013. After Tangerine Tango and Honeysuckle we are back to colder tints this year, reminding us of the Turquoise from 2010.



Meaning of Emerald

Green tones are frequently used in web design as they inspire either an ecological note or, more spiritually, a sense for clarity, renewal and natural dynamic. Pushing it further, we learn that the gemstone Emerald stands for love (associated to Venus), hope and also as a symbol for wisdom and prophecy. Emeralds are supposed to bring tranquility to troubled minds.

Emerald in Web Design

Declining the Emerald color in a monochromatic scheme results in quite attractive shades:



Converting the Pantone code to RGB will result in something close to: #05705e which can be declined to:

  • #00A287
  • #34D0B6
  • #5ED0BD
  • #006957
  • #1E796A

as per above screenshot from color scheme designer. Play with the color and you will see that it has all the qualities to go grungy or to decorate an elegant page.