Tanner Line in Action

Tanner Line in Action

Last night Gene Line shared the image of Tanner Line in Action for demo purposes. The image was heavily downsized and the JPEG quality was set to 5% of the original. Also the image had not been pulled through photoshop. Nice shot Gene!

After the session I thought to give it a shot with Photoshop to get more out of the action and to focus the attention more on Tanner Line by taking off some of the importance of the background.

Here some versions after editing in Photoshop.

Tanner Line in Action

The most important step was to get that background out of the way and give the image more depth. The rest is playing with the filters and blends.

Tanner Line Baseball Image

The first shot here is the original I started out from; the ball just bounced off the ground and Tanner caught it while the guy to the right obviously still has not realized what had happened.

Here are now some edited versions of the action whereas it was important to me to get more focus on Tanner Line:

A bit darker and less saturated:

Tanner Line Image

A split toned and subtle sepia version:

Tanner Line Baseball Image

And finally a simulation of a night shot:

Tanner Line Baseball Action Image

While I did not spend more than a few minutes on the editing, I am quite happy with the result which demonstrates just 4 different atmospheres we can express quickly using Photoshop.