Vouliagmeni by Night Images

Vouliagmeni by Night with Full Moon

Early this morning. The full moon was announced for 6:18 a.m. and the moon set for about an hour later, just before sun rise. What a good reason to get up early and to get into position on the roof terrasse of the house.

A shot at the Moon

The night sky was clear and the moon bright. I did some shots in manual mode forcing low ISO, bracketing +-1. Of course I needed to exploit the full optical zoom range of 300 mm equivalent but the result was surprisingly good for a point and shoot. For better results I shot some 35 mm film with a Leica R4 and a 250 mm f/4 tele lens – but those need to be developed this week.

So, just for the fun some point and shoot images:

Vouliagmeni Full Moon

Now that shows how small the object is on the 4000 by 3000 frame.

Vouliagmeni by Night

While I was focused on the moon, a cruise ship passed by at the horizon making it’s way to Piraeus port:

Vouliagmeni by Night Image

The smear in the background represents the movement of the ship during the 8 seconds of exposure; note also the naturally blurred water.

A shot towards the Marina where there is a lot of light:

Vouliagmeni Marina by Night

And another shot featuring our new church:

Vouliagmeni Church by Night Image

The closer the moon gets to the horizon the more pink, red and orange tones become visible:

Full Moon over Vouliagmeni

… another one:

Vouliagmeni Moon

… and just before the sun rises and the moon fades out …

Full Moon

The testing and exercising was well worth the while and if it is just for the magic moment spent on an early Sunday morning :-).