Vouliagmeni Full Moon Images

Today just a few shots taken this morning when the full-moon was just illuminating Vouliagmeni from the west.

Vouliagmeni Full Moon Images

Once more, the fascination of the full moon drove me out early taking just my point and shoot camera along to see what is possible with low end tools in a high end scenario.

Full Moon in Vouliagmeni

This first shot is right out of the window shot as follows with the point and shoot
Leica V-Lux 20:

300 mm equivalent on 35 mm
1/80 of a second, handheld
ISO 200

You can vaguely see the neighbors roof top on the lower part of the image, meaning that I needed to get out of bed for a better position.

Also, a few minutes later, the daylight would start to kick in and I just wanted to get a view of the Vouliagmeni Bay under that beautiful light of the moon.

Just to give you an idea about the situation: my neighbor, then the Vouliagmeni Bay and on the other side, Astir Beach and the Astir Hotel complex, then the sea and in the very background the island of Aegina. Note on the horizon the big ferry boat driving in from the left towards Piraeus Port which is at about 35 km north from here.

Vouliagmeni Bay Image

Same camera shot at  6:04 am:

35 mm equivalent on 35 mm
1/5 of a second, handheld
ISO 800

Now it’s just about waiting and hoping for the right light when the day meets the full moon:

Voulaigmeni Today Image

This is about as good as I could get the shot with the help of Photoshop and the Perfectly Clear plugin.

11mm on 35 mm equivalent
1/3 of a second, handheld
ISO 200

Luckily the passenger ship is still in the frame as well as a second, red painted transporter.

Once more we see: even a point and shoot camera can come home with nice shots in difficult light. Note that the last shot was just taken in Automatic mode (!) while the previous ones were taken with manual settings.

Of course one could work the image in Photoshop to make it more attractive by intervening on the foreground, the temperature and more; however, this is where we reach quickly the limits of the files. These pictures are just not good enough for heavy manipulation in Photoshop, the more that we cannot get rich RAW files from that camera.

I like them anyway :-).