Vouliagmeni Limanaki

Vouliagmeni Limanaki Images

A day at the beach is one thing, a day at Limanaki in Vouliagmeni is another. Far from crowded sandy beaches, Limanaki is just a small bay between Vouliagmeni and Varkiza. There is no beach infrastructure, just a small kiosk to grab a coffee or a beer and have some snacks. There is no internet connection and there is no mobile phone; what a pleasure.

Vouliagmeni Limanaki Kiosk

Can you imagine sitting at the beach without all these people around you hooked to the mobile and competing with each other for decibel?

Limanaki is the retro beach par excellence and the good news: 5 million Athenians don’t know the place!

There is always a welcoming smile and no wonder YorgoMan made a friend right at the source:

Limanaki Vouliagmeni Bar Image

Best of all, you always meet cool people, friends and the clearest water you can imagine. Far from the city, the noise, the hassle, the feel of an island.

Limanaki Image


Relaxed people have a relaxed attitude and that shows on the faces.


And as I like to shoot faces, Limanaki is a great playground for snaps:


And more faces:

Faces at Limanaki

And another one:

Limanaki Face

How about a swim?

Swim at Limanaki Vouliagmeni

…or a dive?

Dive at Limanaki Vouliagmeni

No doubt, a day at Limanaki is a day in paradise!