Vouliagmeni Rainbow

Rainbow over Vouliagmeni

For the first time in weeks (or months) we have seen some raindrops  in Vouliagmeni yesterday morning. As the sky was partially covered with heavy clouds, a rainbow stretched over the town and the beautifull colors revieled nice contrasts.

Using the widest angle possible on my point and shoot camera I could not fetch the whole scene. I therefore took two shots in panorama mode and stitched them together in Photoshop using the native Photomerge tool (File – Automate – Photomerge) for a quick edit.

Vouliagmeni Rainbow

Of course I wanted to add some drama and grain to the image which originally was quite low in contrast and vibrance. In fact the intention was to create a scenario for Bianca’s Alien’s Story :-).

After the drama some extraterresral glow needed to be added …

Bianca's Aliens

Now we just need to wait and see … ET is on its way.