YaBanaki Varkiza

YaBanaki Varkiza

YaBanaki Varkiza

The picture shows some of the Beach Beds at YaBanaki in Varkiza; they are probably inspired by the good old Greeks or Romans :-) . The fact that they are about 5 feet above the level of the sand where the masses enjoy the beach, gives them a somewhat imperial or divine dominant position as seen on old paintings.

iPhone 4 Photo

The iPhone automatically used the following settings:

F-stop: f/2.4

Exposure time:  1/2320

ISO speed: ISO-80

Focal length: 4 mm

Metering: Average

The metering mode gives us a uniformly sharp or blurred picture. Focusing with the iPhone is easy: by tapping the touch screen the camera focuses on the part of the image addressed.

Posted from Vari, Attica, Greece.

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