YORGOO on Facebook

YORGOO on Facebook

YORGOO will soon be available on Facebook. As we prepare our Ycademy June Seminar focusing on Facebook, we will test new Facebook features and applications to provide YORGOO subscribers and namely YORGOO Pros with the most amazing and effective Facebook Pages. We call it: Best Facebook Pages.

Best Facebook Pages for YORGOO Subscribers

Most YORGOO Subscribers are also using Facebook. However, instead of promoting their own interests, the vast majority of Facebook users merely help to build facebook and the riches of third parties.

Truthful to our principles, we have spent some time to figure out, how our friends could take advantage of Facebook and let Facebook work for us, instead of the other way around.

The secret is more in the way we do things than what we actually do. If you have a business or a service to promote and if you want to target your marketing using Facebook or if you are looking for new customers from the cold market, then the Ycademy Seminar is the ideal starting point. Learn how to serve your customers with the hottest Facebook pages, build the most eye-catching features and use the most advanced promo-tools.

YORGOO on Facebook

Best Facebook Pages by YORGOO

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Get in Control of your Facebook Content

This is the most important step to independence: get in control of your content. By hosting your content externally and using Facebook just as the donkey carrying you through the desert, you do exactly that. Better: you are now promoting your own brand, domain and links, while you use Facebook as a mere showcase.

If tomorrow you decide to shift away from Facebook, your work is not lost, you continue to promote the same links and you remain in control of your content.

The Ycademy June Seminar is the most spectacular eye-opener for online marketers, drilling down to the blunt realities of a system which based on FUD and hype, shine and bling distracts the attention from essentials to reach financial goals. You can do it too and we will show you exactly how!

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