Mitchell & Ness Snapback Caps in Stock

Mitchell & Ness Snapbacks in Stock

Smashing, the boys at Global Sports US: finally they bring the Mitchell & Ness Snapbacks to Europe! Away from the $2 cheap and awful caps and back to the real thing, the good old traditional Cap manufactured with care!

Mitchell & Ness Snapback Caps

Best Price Mitchell & Ness in Stock

In 1904, former tennis and wrestling champ, Frank P. Mitchell partners with Scottish golfer Charles M. Ness to form a sporting goods store on Arch Street in Philadelphia, PA. Mitchell & Ness Sporting Goods specialized in handcrafted tennis rackets, golf clubs, and other equipment.

While trends come and go, Mitchell & Ness items remain popular among sports’ greatest enthusiast: the true fan. In 2005, after numerous requests from collectors, Mitchell & Ness acquires its most recent license, the CLC College Vault label. A year later, Mitchell & Ness is granted the exclusive rights to reproduce Authentic Michael Jordan jerseys.

Mitchell & Ness Snapback Caps

The big racer these days, Mitchell & Ness Snapback Caps are just not easy to find! Thank you Global for bringing them to Europe and for being able to deliver my preferred Black and White Oakland Raider’s Cap!

By the way, the caps are so scarce, that Global Sports serves customers even in the USA.