How fast is your Website?

Test the Load Time of your Website

Load Time and SEO

Website Loading Speed is one of the criteria search engines are looking at when judging our web pages. Optimization of loading times is therefore a must for high performance websites, such as the commercial versions of Semiomantics XO for WordPress.

Here below are some loading time stats for a few of our websites, whereas some of these sites are optimized and others not. For comparison reasons I have added at the end.

Of course the load time of the tested home pages depends largely on the server response first and then on the content. By content I don’t mean just the visible content, but also the number of requests and the loading of hidden content such as .js files, style sheets and hidden slides. Stats trackers also impact as well as third party soft built into the site using plugins for example.

At tonight’s call we will have a closer look at these stats and we will go into the details to find out where and how we can improve the overall performance.

I am looking forward to seeing you tonight at YorgoTalk.