Online Advertising 2

Online Advertising on Web sites

Online Advertising on your site is a great way of making money online. Your success depends on various factors we have been posting about earlier. This post will present an Online Advertising Solution for Professionals and Beginners. The new Advertising Site Script allows the most flexible use of ads, their display, mix and treatment.

Make Money with Online Advertising

To finance your website, you need ads; these can be ads promoting your own products and services, ads from a merchant where you have an affiliation or paid third party ads, such as Pay Per Click ads (Google Ads for example).

Online Advertising and Content

In spite the fact that it becomes the more and more difficult to distinguish between commercial and non-commercial content, namely since the social networks have reinvented word to mouth advertising (!), online publishers keep track of commercial content and be it just for tracking and financial  reasons.

Traditionally traffic is generated not by ads but by content. Search engines track content and serve related links to their customers in form of search returns. Google for example scans site content and indexes it in function of mostly technical criteria and then lists the content in function of relevance (again based on technical criteria).

What is Advertising and what is Content? I guess, ads are part of content and promotional content are part of online advertising. If you write a positive review about a product you are using, say an iPhone, you are clearly promoting a product and if you then link your post to a seller’s website you are clearly advertising, namely if you are an affiliate of that merchant or if you have been paid to write the review.

Consumer protection organizations and legislation wants publishers and editors to clearly earmark commercial content from non-commercial content and right they are, however, there is a huge gray zone we are navigating in where the distinction is often hard to draw in form of a sharp line.

Online Advertising Rules

Rule 1: From the above we deduct: we must distinguish between advertising and non commercial content.

Rule 2: While we earmark commercial content, we can mix it with or blend it in to non commercial content. From a readers point of view it must remain clear which parts are commercial.

Online Advertising: the big Variable

While anyone can set up a site with ads, not everybody will experience the same success. The biggest difference will result from the degree of implication of the publisher, editor or author: authority and personal endorsement and word to mouth are the strongest forms of marketing.

Difficult to find out whether you are talking to someone who represents a commercial interest in a recommendation or not; make it a rule to suppose that there is a commercial intention behind most any communication unless proof of the contrary. Even church sites have a purpose of recruiting and increasing the institution’s influence and financial means.

Online Advertising Site

The symbiosis of commercial and non commercial content requires a flexible site script to mix and blend different content while still remaining contextual. While in the past web masters had to manually add ads to the content, the process can be largely automated today.

YORGOO Booster by Semiomantics

Semiomantics has created a solution allowing anyone to automate the advertising process in a high quality publishing framework with a proven track record of successful search Engine Marketing. The site script “YORGOO Booster” will be released later this week. For the first time a site script integrates multiple technically contradictory advertising modules without impacting on the publishing framework’s Search Engine Optimization and publishing power.

Blog for Money enters a new phase of evolution: every webmaster can play the advertising game with utmost virtuosity and creativity as never before. Google Top 10 Rankings with your Ads, Shop or commercial and recycled content are now in reach even for beginners without spending thousands per year for Google Ads. Your valet will appreciate.