Tsiprasterix and the EU Gods

For a while it looked as if Alexis T. had slipped into the skin of Asterix, the glorious hero fighting with his small village against the omnipotent Romans. For a while it looked as if he owned the recipe of that magic soup ….

L1340843aGame over for Tsiprasterix?

Today it looks as if he had completely failed, sacrificing the rest of Greece’s dignity on the altar of international finance. And yet, in fact most of the concessions made under utmost pressure from creditors and European colleagues as well, target the wealthy, the business owners, the rich, the upper middle class, well, even the middle class, all traditional targets of the leftist, communist, Maoist and Trotskyist  ideology represented by Syriza.

In fact, the concessions and additional hardship is aimed to put the new burden on the back of those those who have been protected by the political establishment in Greece and in Europe: conservatives and social democrats.

Smart Kids against Stupid Adults?

The IMF has asked for adults on the negotiation table and they got a whole lot of them! Adults, who shoot at an ambulance, who, having already ripped off  a leg and an arm, discuss, whether the second arm or leg should be the next amputation to heal the patient, the goal being the relaunch of the Greek economy. Absurd.

The kids where there (can’t grow up within 5 days) as well, stuffing the deep throats with concessions, no one right in his mind would prescribe to an already sick environment, such as the Greek economy.

Knowing that Alexis T. is a smart politician and his government unites some of the creme de la creme of the Greek left intelligentsia, I could imagine that there is more behind the proposed deal than just Greek defeat.

Could it be, that the deal has been designed just to fail? The problems are not tax rates or pensions in Greece, it’s rather the ability to collect the dues. The new deal (if ever it happens) does of course not address that problem.

When you over-tax people and business, you create a parallel economy. When you over-stress the bow in negotiations, you reach agreements which will just kick the can further down the road.

And yet

Tsiprasterix saves Europe

The ultimate beneficiary of the phantom deal is not Greece. It’s Europe, in as much as it can pretend to be able to cope with a problem caused by a small state and an economy representing as little as 2% of Europe’s GDP. Wow, what an achievement.

Moreover Tsiprasterix has saved the butt of the European political establishment, at least until they have to sell the deal to their constituencies and parliaments.

Of course, Alexis T. will have a hard time to survive politically, if ever he somehow can push the deal through the Vouli (Greek parliament), but maybe that’s what the European Brothers aim to achieve: get rid of Tsiprasterix, as tried already Caesar.

The outlook for the Young People of Greece

Greek teenagers have grown up with the crises. Their image of Europe is far from being bright, it’s rather in the historic line of hundreds of years of oppression. The kids don’t remember 1970 or 1980 when their flag was waving over a developing country. Greece has come a long way because of Europe and all the financial aid. Hardly any road or piece of infrastructure has been constructed during the last 20 years without the help of Europe.

Today, Greece spends hardly 1% of GDP on superior education but the creditors expect the country to produce 3-4% of GDP for debt servicing for the next 40 years. Mission Impossible. How will today’s kids react in 5 or 10 years? May be they would favor other alliances than with Europe?

The Good News

There is some good news as well: the proposed deal has not yet passed any parliament, nor has it been fully written out for decision taking.

This leads me to believe, that it just may never happen the way it has been sold to the markets since Monday, but that a sort of a ‘prostatic’ release of funds against reforms could be implemented, to meet dues when they occur, dragging the problem into the medium term future till either Tsiprasterix has vanished or the general climate in Europe improve, pending upcoming elections in Spain for example. A sort of a Grefault.

One day the kids will win over the adults, and if it’s only, once they become adults them-selves.