iPhone 4 HDR Photography

Vouliagmeni with iPhone 4 HDR

When Apple upgraded the photo software on the iPhone 4, the quality of images improved dramatically, namely under low light conditions. In fact, the 5MP built in camera comes now with a HDR feature which you can switch on or off. Also, you can set the camera to save two shots, one with standard settings and one with the High Dynamic Range option.

Note just that the saving process takes much longer, in my case about 2 seconds.

Vouliagmeni Bay on November 18, 2010

Vouliagmeni Bay

Vouliagmeni Bay Image

The Dynamic Range of the second shot is way beyond what we get on the first image. What may not be visible here is the actual noise and pixelization as I had to reduce the jpg quality for the blog.

PS: The image in the header has been edited;  slight desaturation and pushed noise.