Facebook Online Seminar by Ycademy

Facebook Online Seminar by Ycademy

The Ycademy June Seminar will focus on Facebook and its potential for individual and professional promotion. This event will take place online on June 26 and 27 at Ycademy’s online Conferencing facility.

Facebook for Website Developers and Designers

Website Development and Design aim to bring content in front of a maximum of potentially interested people. An antenna to Facebook from your site is as important as Search Engine Optimization. The conceptual integration of Authority sites, Shops or Marketing pipelines with Facebook is a must.


Build an active-passive marketing machine by taking advantage of Facebook’s popular features as well as of advanced potential offered by Facebook’s API technology.

Participants will learn how to

  • increase visibility on Facebook
  • tweak the Facebook set-up for Search Engine Optimization
  • bring external assets into Facebook
  • let Facebook promote external sites for free
  • save thousands of advertising Dollars by using Facebook’s advanced features
  • make Facebook pages Google and Bing efficient

Active Passive Facebook Marketing

The interaction between external websites and internal Facebook Features and Application enables users to achieve high visibility without spending every day hours on Facebook. If you are a Facebook advertiser, make sure your ads lead to a sales pipeline which inspires trust and authority: this can be achieved by integrating your sales pages and shop face into Facebook. We will show you exactly how to cut or eliminate your advertising budget by taking advantage of semantic integration of your content into Facebook.

Your Shop Face on Facebook

There are different ways to link and integrate a shop to Facebook and to profit from Facebook assets to promote products and services. Have a look at the two samples below:

Shop Face on Facebook

Facebook Page by Semiomantics

Best Facebook Page by Semiomantics

The four icons feature on top of the page are imported from the Semiomantics shop and link to the shop’s product sales pipeline. The page is accessible from HERE.

Full Featured Flash Website integrated with Facebook

Best Facebook Page

Best Facebook Page

The page is a combination of HTML and Flash. Access from HERE.

The two above samples demonstrate that we can virtually embed any content into Facebook and let Facebook work for us.

Semiomantics Website Development and Facebook

Semiomantics websites are traditionally designed to attract high visibility in Search Engine Environments. The power of Semiomantics can be deployed equally on Facebook since from a passive marketing point of view, Facebook constitutes a similar type of environment.

What makes Semiomantics solutions unique is the fact that Semiomantics deployments act outside and within Facebook; Semiomantics developers can therefore offer integrated solutions to customers, whereas the web development concept will include Social Network Marketing and semantically optimized solutions.

The financial advantages are obvious: site development cost will drop and the advertising budget on Facebook will decrease massively.

More Information

Please contact Bianca Gubalke at bianca(at)ycademy.com.

Seminar Registration

The Seminar is limited to 10 participants due to the importance of the workshops where we work with participants individually on their personal Facebook Marketing Machine.

All materials and licenses needed for the set-up are included.

Price: $80

Ycademy Pro Discount: $50

Please register from HERE.

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