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Online Advertising with YORGOO Booster makes of every web master an Advertising Virtuoso. Content served in the High Performance Semiomantics Script and enriched with unlimited advertising features result in the most explosive mix ever driven to the top of google.

Best of it: the site is largely automated as it has been designed as a “Set and Forget” Publishing Platform.

1. Header Advertising

When years ago web designers were kings, most site templates featured large header graphics, between 100 and 250 or more pixels high where the designers had a playground to exhibit their skills.

Today this is considered as valuable space which is used for branding and commercial purposes. Some standards have emerged, such as the small half size header banners and the 728 x 90 banner which typically is placed on top of the site.

Another standard for advertising consists in showing first an advertising page before redirecting to the addressed URL.

2. YORGOO Booster Header Advertising

YORGOO Booster allows the web master to load header images in any size and to associate a link to each image. The header image can thus be used similar to a traditional site header linking to the home page or it can be used for commercial purposes putting on display a more or less large image linking to any target.

According to the YORGOO Booster strategy, the header should be between 930 and 970 pixels wide and between 500 and 700 pixels high with the goal to occupy maximum space on the visitors screen. The header bears the most important commercial message and it is the webmaster’s goal to convert as many visitors as possible from the header ad.

3. Online Advertising with large Images

Images can replace a thousand words, namely if they are captivating. Large captivating images definitely have mega impact. The disadvantage of such images is their size: a good quality image will always be heavier than just some text lines or a small banner. It is therefore important to edit images with care and if possible with a minimum number of layers.

While the YORGOO Booster allows for loading any number of header images which show randomly or which can be allocated to particular posts or pages, the script does not allow for loading sliced images.

The image formats accepted by YORGOO Booster are: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .swf

To get the best impact, it is important to name and tag the images properly.

4. Online Advertising with large Flash plates

Flash files, or .swf files are an interesting option, the more that flash content will not deviate the search spiders’ attention.



Camtasia or similar can be used to produce such flash files if Adobe Flash is not available.

5. The YORGOO Booster Header

The default header ad on YORGOO Booster is the first impression the visitor gets from the site. A captivating header of good quality can become your best feature for conversion on your site!

6. Google Top 10 Effect

Considering the above, imagine the power of the Header Ad: YORGOO Booster is designed to grab Google Top 10 positions. A visitor finding your Booster under a targeted keyword, will be exposed to the header ad which must be keyword related to create immediately the empathy necessary for a high conversion rate.

7. About Online Advertising

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