Best Consultant Theme for WordPress

Consultant Theme  XO 2011 for WordPress

What’s the best Consultant theme for WordPress?  It’s a theme that provides the features, design and performance to put coherent information in front of the targeted audience in an attractive way. This means basically a highly customizable script.

Semiomantics XO 2011 for Consultants

The Semiomantics XO 2011 Theme has been deigned for highest performance and maximum customization at the same time. The theme is first of all constructed for high Google Performance. The optimized script is then paired with a second “layer” which will then concern the look, layout, design or skin, whatever you like to call it. The base script is invariable while the skin is like a blank sheet of paper on which you draw your layout, features and design.

Best Consultant Theme for WordPress

The above example is just a very bold minimalist way of presenting a Consultant, his work and authority; visit the demo draft HERE. XO allows to apply most any style and feature customers may ask for.

Semiomantics has always cared bout personal blogs for free-lancers, consultants or small business builders. Earlier samples show some more attractive customizations:

Consulting Theme for WP

Above a draft by Bianca Gubalke dating from a year ago.

Personal Consultant Theme for WordPress

And then another presentation but based on the same idea.

Consultant WP Blog

This last one was just about a standard edition of the basic WP Best Consultant Theme.

Look out for more about the features and some tips about how to design a Consultant Website with the new Semiomantics XO 2011.