Christmas Skin for XO 2011 WP Theme

Time for a High Performance WP Christmas Theme

Beginners often are unaware of the impact a theme can have on the performance of a website and therefore they tend to change themes often. Downloading free themes is a great way of changing the look and feel of the site quickly, however there is more to a theme script than looks.

Semiomantics XO 2011 is a theme which allows to quickly adapt to seasonal or mood challenges right from the dashboard. Further customization is always possible with some knowledge of CSS and php or by discussing the project with a Semiomantics Developer.

Coca Cola Christmas

How to create a Christmas Website with Semiomantics XO 2011?

The easiest way is to follow just the following steps:

1. Choose a color scheme, say in the reds and greens and apply them to your backgrounds, fonts and features from the Semio XO menu in your dashboard.

2. Create a header graphic adapted to Christmas and load it to your Media Library; then enter the new logo link from the Semio XO Menu.

3. Create a Christmas background graphic or find one online and load it from the Background tab under Appearance in our Dashboard.

4. Do some custom styling using FireBug and your custom style sheet from the Semio 2011 menu.

That’s it!


Sophisticated Christmas Theme for WordPress

Of course you can do more than the above and think about some specific Christmas features, such as music or a collection of seasonal images presented in an attractive flash component.

In this case you would probably want to change some of the template scripts, such as the header or the page layout, namely of the home page.

How to proceed?

yorgo design Christmas

1. Do a sketch or drawing of your layout. This can be simple but it will guide you and keep you on track. Draw the big picture: lay out and desired content fields.

2. If you wish to add flash or other components, search for the appropriate components and check out the embed requirements. Personally, I prefer hard-coding to the use of plug-ins.

3. In stead of changing templates, rather create your own templates and add them to the theme. For example, if you wish to build an exceptional home page for the season, just create a Christmas home page template for the occasion. If you would like to change your header for a limited period of time, just create a new header template and add it to the theme, and so on.

4. Design your theme elements in Photoshop for example; if you build a home page with a content layout of say 1024 x 900 pixels, just create a new PSD with this dimensions and start designing each element, starting with the header (or the background as the case may be). For each element, create a folder and stuff all corresponding layers into it. Within a short time you will end up with your brilliant ideas in digital format and you can extract the elements to build them into your theme.

5. Add the components; usually some script inserts are necessary and that’s why we use custom templates which we can disable once the season is over (and we can reactivate it when the season returns:-)).

Stick it all together and you will be a Christmas Star!


Join our calls this week and we will build your site together

This week we will create step by step a Christmas or Holiday site on the base of Semiomantics XO 2011. If you don’t have an XO 2011 you may use XO version 2.9 or better as well, the result will look the same.

I am looking forward to a nice Beauty Contest!