Do You Like My Ads?

Creative Advertising with YORGOO Ads

Ads are a great playground for creative minds. While newspaper ads are static once printed, online we can build in variables which allow better targeting for example. Online ads can be more than just an image or a text; the script allows for additional creativity.

Do You Like My Ad

Our earlier post “Do You Like My Ad” and our online call from last night explained, how to personalize the daymix widget.

Creative Advertising

Creative Advertising

YORGOO Ads Plugin for Creative Advertising

The simple YORGOO Ads Plugin for WordPress allows for tweaking of ads, such as the DayMix widget:


– If you use in your YORGOO Ad just the iFrame from the widget, you get rid of the frame and display only the Google search results.

– You can tweak all links on the frame or delete them; there are 4 of them, top and bottom right and left. Point them to some of your sites or posts, relevant to the targeted keyword.

– For developers: you can now create your own contextual widget!

Semiomantics Contextual “Do you Like my Ads” Plugin

At Semiomantics we have taken the above YORGOO Ads Plugin and the DayMix widget script to create an automated contextual ads plugin.

The Idea is simple: there are two kinds of links in the DayMix widget: the ones in the frame, which Google can read, and then there is the iFrame, with the search results, which can be tagged with a dofollow or nofollow tag depending on your strategy.

The secret is in replacing the keywords contained in the widget with a variable and to match this variable with the Meta keyword variable Semiomantics scripts use to project a contextual set of Meta Keywords into the page headers. Now, each post will show contextual search results automatically (wow), based on the keywords targeted with the post or page.

In as much as the frame is concerned, the 4 links outside the frame content, they can be dealt with in the same way, with the difference that they could represent dofollow links to static or dynamic targets representing your primary, secondary and third level keywords.

The plugin (dofollow links) can be combined with other tools such as the Affiliate Ninja to make sure links and keywords point to the desired target sites.

The Plugin is reserved for Custom Built Sites.