Facebook and Mobile Web Seminar by Ycademy

Facebook and Mobile Web Seminar by Ycademy


Wow! Your Semiomantics Sites go mobile and Facebook! How to hook your WordPress to Facebook and build an eye catching Mobile Site with the look of a iPhone Application?

Our June Seminar will deal with all the issues relating to interaction with Facebook and the Mobile Web.

Social Network Marketing with WordPress

The interaction with Facebook is vital to reach out to 1 out of 10 people in this world who are Facebook Subscribers! There are multiple possibilities to hook to Facebook, but not all of them are to our advantage.

At Semiomantics Facebook developments we have tested various possibilities and identified the options which optimize best our activity on Facebook.

We are proud to share with Seminar participants the Facebook Marketing Concepts elaborated over the most recent months, namely since Facebook introduced new rules in February.


As usual, 1 pm – 9 pm London time on each day.


As usual on Brain Time, $85, Ycademy Pro Discount:$50.

The Goal of the Seminar

Starting from our Author Websites, we will feed all our activity into Facebook with the purpose to gain visibility in Facebook and their Search Engine. The second step is to extract from Facebook a maximum of Facebook activity to make it available outside Facebook and to optimize it for Google.

Ycademy Facebook and WordPress Seminar

Ycademy Facebook and WordPress Seminar June 2011

For the second part above we will be glad to use our YORGOOPress blog, which by then should run on Semiomantics XO!

Finally, we will spend the rest of the week-end on working on an eye-catching presentation of our Author Blog on the Mobile Web, optimizing the site for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, Win 7 Mobile and so on.

After the Seminar, you will be able to duplicate the above for your customers.

Pre-Seminar Calls

Tuesday and Thursday our daily calls at YorgoLive will be focusing on updating and upgrading your websites at YORGOOPress and your Author Blog where needed. Please be there as we prefer not to waste our time on these issues during the seminar.


  • How to create a Facebook Page
  • How to Post from WordPress to Facebook
  • How to import Facebook Conversation to WordPress
  • How to add Facebook Comments to WordPress
  • How to post to your page walls and notes
  • How to drive your Friends from Facebook to your shop
  • How to control your Look on the Mobile Web
  • How to design custom Apple Icons and Start up Pages
  • How to structure your Blog for the Mobile Web
  • How to automate publishing to the Mobile web
  • How to sell to Mobile Web Users and Facebook without being in Facebook or on Mobile devices
  • How to publish WordPress Pages to Facebook


Updated Author Blog and Press sites. Photoshop, HTML Editor, Text Editor; all other materials and scripts will be provided.

Look out for advanced software which will be announced later this week.