Garden Route Directory on Hosting South Africa

Garden Route Directory on Super Hosting

Garden Route Directory from Lalakoi Publishing has migrated to the new hosting facility set up by Hosting South Africa and ChiHosters for professional Semiomantics customers.

Within a relatively short time Garden Route Directory has outgrown its initial shared hosting account, then a VMS to finally end up on the most advanced dedicated hosting solutions we have built for high performance and high traffic websites.

The Hosting provided runs on super fast processors with 4 times more memory than normal shared hosts. Performance enhancements such as Semiomantics SEO deploy better than ever:

Garden Route Directory scores between 92 and 97 on YSlow!

Darden Route Directory

Garden Route Directory in good Company

Garden Route Directory is one of the first sites we host on the new super host; others include BlogMasterClass, a test ground for high performance script testing which scores 97 and above on YSlow even on the home page where 10 posts are actually on display with loads of media. The same hosting solution is powering now PhotoMediaStock which needs loads of resources, as well as the personal site of Hanno Coetzee and of yours truly.

Actually under migration is Global Sports where the store needs the longer the more punch and a mega affiliate mall for Gene Line is under construction.

As usual, we deliver hosting for Semiomantics Customers at cost and kick in Customer Service and Host Management for Semiomantics Commercial Customers.

We are proud of the success of our friends and customers!