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Ycademy Online Seminar, February 26 – 27, 2011

This month’s Ycademy Online Seminar will focus on Website Optimization for the Mobile Web as well as on Shop update and integration.

Mobile Shopping with Semiomantics XO

Saturday, February 26, 2011: Go Mobile with your Site

In as much as Website Optimization for the Mobile web is concerned, we have posted previously under Semiomantics Mobile Developments.

We will use the first day of the Seminar to implement the most advanced technology and configuration to expand our Semiomantics XO to the most powerfull script on the Mobile Web!

Doing so we will respect the criteria and wish-list as lined out in the above quoted post, namely:

  • Before all, the high performance and optimization of Semiomantics Website Developments must be preserved and extended to mobile versions
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Maximum of branding
  • Maximum of styling to visually integrate with the desktop version of the site
  • Multi-Language support
  • Ads integration
  • Template based
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom Startup
  • WP 3 compatible (Menus)
  • Child Theme for best Customization
  • Web Application Mode
  • iPhone and iPod 4 Retina Display Support
  • iPad support
  • Kindle Support
  • Threaded conversation
  • Social Network Integration
  • iOS and Webkit features
  • iPhone,iPad,Android,Blackberry, Palm OS, Samsung Touch, Kindle support

The Goal is to equip our main blog (author Blog) with the above features for the Mobile Web.

As this topic is equivalent to building a new website and using our existing content for the purpose of high visibility on the Mobile Web, we will need the whole day to learn about and implement all the features. In fact we are creating a sort of a new theme which will run in parallel to the desktop version of XO and be visible on devices accessing he site by mobile devices. The theme will be HTML5 driven and of course include CSS3 features and be free of Flash.

Professional Licensed Software

The XO Mobile expansion is based on licensed third-party software; each site will need an individual license key. In the future, Semiomantics will build in to Semiomantics Websites and configure and or customize this module upon demand and for a fee. Details will be available at the Seminar.

Semiomantics E-commerce Development

Sunday, February 27, 2011 the Seminar will be focused on E-commerce and implement the first part of Semiomantics Ecommerce Developments.

In fact we will split the E-commerce topic into two, whereas our first and primary objective is to assure that each participant ends up with an optimized shop and knows how to manage it; also the shop and it’s items must integrate with the main site as well as with the Mobile version.

This topic is the first of two big money making implementations and crucial for the material success of an online presence. The Topic of Affiliate Program and Shop integration will be left for a later Seminar, probably for the March 2011 Edition.

The Schedule will include the update of existing shops as well as a workshop using alternative Themes and Layouts to satisfy participants and their eventual customers’ needs. In clear, participants will receive additional Pro Themes for WP E-commerce Product Development.

The Seminar provide each Participant with what we think is the most powerful and modern base for successful online business and website development.

I am looking forward to a great and rewarding event!


As we need to prepare individual elements for each participant, please register early to make our task easier.

Ycademy Pros: the Discount Code is available as usual at Bianca’s: bianca (at)

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