WordPress for Facebook Fan Pages with FBlaster

Add WordPress to your Facebook Fan Page


FBlaster is a new Semiomantics Facebook Development with the purpose to populate your Facebook Fan Page with any content namely from your WordPress or any blog site. In fact FBlaster, once installed can aggregate all your feed streams, from any site, such as blog, shop, flickr, tumblr and so on and bring it right in  front of your audience at Facebook with style.

FBlaster for WordPress on Facebook

FBlaster for WordPress on Facebook

FBlaster Features

FBlaster is based on the high performance Semiomantics XO script and integrates all the qualities, bells and whistles thereof.

Considering that Facebook Fan Pages display content in an iFrame, it is important to integrate as much of the FBlaster content with facebooks other features in order to gain visibility on the facebook search and in order to establish communication between the fan page content and the facebook audience.

In order to accomplish this, FBlaster communicates with the facebook wall, notes and comments. Facebook comments can be integrated into FBlaster as well as the oposite is true as well: FBlaster Comments can populate the Wall and Notes as well.

FBlaster allows to manage your Facebook content from outside. FBlaster also takes advantage from the multiple feed opportunities granted by Facebook to export Facebook content to the WWW with the goal to add exposure on Search Engines, namely on Google.

A complete description of all features will follow shortly.

Listen Up London on FBlaster

The FBlaster version built for Listen Up London is an independent external website which fits perfectly into a Facebook iFrame Tab or Fan Page. The Facebook integration can be viewed HERE

Listen Up London on Facebook

The site in it’s present version serves to share with the Facebook audience web content created by and about Christian George and “Listen Up London” on multiple platforms, such as tumblr, YouTube or Flickr.

Once installed, the publication to and from Facebook is automated. Further development is possible, such as adding a shop, or any other desired feature, such as a version for mobile devices.

WordPress for Facebook Fan Pages with FBlaster

The combination of self hosted WordPress and Facebook is a brilliant idea; you take advantage of the popular place Facebook for the social aspect and you can style your content and features to taste.

Also from a work-flow point of view, you don’t need to spend your day on Facebook and manage at the same time your WordPress: your Publishing and Editing is managed from your WordPress dashboard.

Facebook Marketing with FBlaster

Originally FBlaster has been developed for people who want to make their Facebook cool (it’s true, while Facebook may have been cool when it started, it now looks somewhat oldish and it still does not allow users to give to their FB presence that personal touch and feel you can set up on MySpace for example.

Also, FBlaster is probably the most sophisticated Facebook Marketing Tool in as much as it can provide high visibility without paying for Facebook or other ads. There is no question about the Google Top 10 performance, since the FBlaster includes Semiomantics XO optimization features. Social Media Marketing is made easy with FBlaster as it can control and automate publishing to multiple social networks, such as MySpace and all the social aggregators.

Last but not least, users have complete control over where on Facebook to publish posts :-).

FBlaster Release and Pricing

For the time being FBlaster is in it’s final stages of development. It is planned to be used by Semiomantics as a custom module for Semiomantics XO customers. A popular FBlaster farm version is in the planning.

Pricing starts at $500 about for custom developments.