WordPress on Facebook

WordPress for Facebook Seminar

Welcome to the WordPress for Facebook Seminar! This seminar is about Social Media Marketing and Communication involving WordPress, namely the Semiomantics XO Framework and Facebook.

During the next two days we will elaborate and implement strategies to automate publication and communication across platforms with a special focus on the mobile web.

WordPress on Facebook

Why would you want to combine WordPress with Facebook?

The main reason is to remain in control of your content, its presentation and the way it streams to and from Facebook. Also, a self-hosted WordPress provides you with better content management features and automation tools than Facebook.

If you are a Facebook freak, you can even spend the rest of your life within Facebook and publish at the same time through WordPress Semiomantics XO right from within Facebook. Our pre-seminar sessions demonstrated how to embed your XO on a Facebook Canvas page, from where you have complete access to your WP installation, dashboard and editing and publishing tools.

If you don’t want to spend any time in Facebook, then you just need to implement Social Media Marketing and Publishing Strategies as lined out in the YORGOO Publishing Model and your Facebook antenna will do its job automatically and send traffic back to your site.

WordPress on the Mobile Web

WordPress and namely the extended Semiomantics XO Framework provide visitors from the mobile web with a top notch surfing experience! Fast loading pages, easy to surf menus and the look of a mobile application are achieved with the use of WPTouch Pro, the most advanced tool out there to assure cross platform publishing on the mobile web: be it iPod, iPad, iPhone, Andoid, Blackberry, IEMobile 7, Googlebot Mobile, webmate, incognito,dream, CUPCAKE, froyo your site will be optimized for most any device class.

Rock the Mobile Web and Facebook with WordPress XO

Having said the above, there is yet another interesting feature we will look into: your website within the website by using SlideDeck Pro with your Semiomantics XO.

In fact we embed SD Pro as well in Facebook as on the mobile web providing surfers with automated slide shows, scrolling titles and videos and much more. SD Pro stands for a more exciting surf experience and it allows us to automate a good deal of our publishing and editing work across multiple platforms.

I am convinced this will be an exciting Seminar once more and as it is extremely user focused you will enjoy the workshops and the immediately visible results.