Ycademy Online Seminar Apri 2012

Mobile WordPress and Social Media


The fast evolution of the mobile web has created new needs for publishers, whereas the objective remains to integrate mobile web targets into an existing workflow and to optimize productivity with the help of automated conversion scripts and tools.

What’s New on Mobile WordPress and Social Media

Ycademy Online Seminar April 2012

At Semiomantics the starting point for our development is the most comprehensive conversion plugin, called WPTouch Pro. WPTouch has released its latest version end of March 2012 with some adjustments for iOS 5.1 and many other fixes and developments:

  • * Added: Custom advertising options for iPad
  • * Added: Simple caching of desktop functions.php
  • * Added: Russian language file
  • * Added: Automatic archiving of previous settings in wptouch-data directory
  • * Added: Compatibility setting for BuddyPress Mobile AJAX support
  • * Fixed: Changing user-agent matching that may have interfered with advertising in certain scenarios
  • * Changed: Replaced include with locate_template in theme files, should allow child overrides of custom WPtouch Pro template files
  • * Changed: Algorithm to reload settings; may have caused settings to be lost in a certain scenario
  • * Updated: All translations based on 2.6 strings
  • * Fixed: An issue with Register and Lost password links in Classic
  • * Fixed: Video issues with jwPlayer and other video sources and plugins
  • * Fixed: An issue which could cause the Share button not to show in Classic mobile theme
  • * Fixed: Improved appearance for Embedded Google maps
  • * Fixed: Issues with Tweet text encoding in sharing options for Classic
  • * Fixed: Search form issues with Skeleton theme
  • * Fixed: Admin issues for non-English languages
  • * Fixed: Issue where style.min.css was never loaded in child themes of Classic
  • * Fixed: Broken admin icons when SSL was enabled in the admin
  • * Added: Hungarian language
  • * Changed: Adjustments for memory management in Classic iPad theme
  • * Fixed: An issue with MapPress embeds
  • * Fixed: An issue with JetPack videos
  • * Fixed: An issue with Smart Youtube plugin videos
  • * Fixed: Issue with blank spaces in custom user agent string

Why to use advanced Mobile Web Developments

The above recent change-logs indicate the extent of considerations necessary for a serious development of an integrated mobile WP based solution. The reason for such complexity lies amongst others in the following:

  1. Increasing WordPress complexity and advanced plugin developments.
  2. The multitude of mobile operating systems, browsers and devices of different sizes, display resolutions and aspect ratios.
  3. The improved algorithms of Mobile Search.
  4. The complexity of Semiomantics’ unbeaten optimization for conventional and mobile search.
  5. The popularity of mobile and smart devices and the automated Mobile Search privileging mobile site versions.
  6. The popularity of Social Networks and their ever changing integration parameters.

The Goal of Semiomantics Developments

At Semiomantics we aim to make complex matters simple for day to day use. As an author or business, you don’t want to spend your time with technical issues or sitting logged into social networks to keep up with the continuous stream of information and exchanges. You want to do your business and be assured that your message gets spread broadly and that visitors requests are piped to proper destination without your intervention.

Semiomantics Developers are trained to build high end customer specific solutions assuring optimized productivity and workflow.

The Goal and Agenda of the Ycademy April Seminar

Based on the above, the Seminar will provide all necessary updates and upgrades for existing and new installations of high end websites, namely those built on Semiomantics XO and EVO frameworks.

During numerous Workshops we will knock participants personal sites into shape to comply with the highest standards.

1. Mobile Web

We will go step by step through the set-up and development of the customized version of each participants author site. This includes the following workshops:

  1. Build a Mobile Child Theme for your Website.

  2. Build OS specific Icons.

  3. Build a Start up screen (image).

  4. Build Mobile specific WP 3.0 menus.

  5. Custom Links and Icons.

  6. Integrate Advertizing: Adsense, Admob, Custom Ads.

  7. Custom Post formats for the Mobile theme.

  8. Test Plugin compatibility and create your mobile plugin menu.

  9. Embed media for Mobile content, YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted standard h.264 encoded media.

  10. Specifics for tablet computing, namely for the iPad and other touch tablets.

2. Mobile Social Networks

We will focus on Facebook in particular. Mobile Facebook is quite restrictive; it is therefore important to learn about what is visible on mobile FB and what cannot be accessed, respectively, how we may work around some of these restrictions.

In fact: Mobile Facebook is quite disappointing, be it whether you access it via the App or the browser. Custom content on app driven canvas pages and page favorites don’t display! Even promoting their link on the wall will not trigger any display. There are some workarounds by using different browsers where you can modify browser settings and simulate a desktop browser, but that’s not a solution for the masses.

Facebook is not here to promote YOUR site but just to grab your content for it’s own purpose.

  • We will show you how to work around the problem and take advantage of the FB App and Mobile Site to get most out of it. The goal is to achieve that Facebook works for you and not you for Facebook.
  • We will also come back to the desktop version of Facebook, showing how to build the most neutral and minimalist Facebook page for full and perfect control of all your content.


The Ycademy Online Seminar will take place on April 28/29, 2012 starting daily as usual at 1 p.m. London Time and closing at 9 p.m. London time.


All materials and scripts are provided and included.

Tickets and Discounts

The cost for this seminar is $85; discounts as usual for Ycademy Pros (please mail Bianca at bianca(at)ycademy.com for the coupon code.

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