Ycademy Online Seminar

Branding beyond WordPress

Working with the new Semiomantics XO 2011 theme for WordPress has proven to be a success and looking at the Christmas themes created on XO, the team has shown how well creativity can be translated into visual reality on the base of the new Semiomantics script.

Zo Nicholas Christmas Theme for WordPress

Christmas Theme for WordPress

Zo Nicholas created the above theme with a built in jukebox featuring famous Christmas songs. The site is probably targeted at her grand-son Oliver :-).

Ollie may enjoy to play with different backgrounds:

A gif background where Santa rolls his eyes …

Going green with a Christmas scene …

Greener …

there are literally no limits and best of all, the modifications are just two or three mouse-clicks away.

I would agree with Ollie … the rolling eyes are the funniest feature!

Christmas Theme for Ollie

Check it out from HERE.

Branding a Flash Environment

Once branding elements are defined (color scheme, fonts, graphics, layout and eventually features), we need to be able to implement the brand in different environments. WordPress has been our primary playground, we have however been developing Flash websites earlier this year and we need to be able to brand those with the same creativity and precision as we customize WP.

Semiomantics Evolution has just been a first step and expanding the experience to Semiomantics Evo 2 is just a normal development.

Ycademy December Seminar Schedule

In order to give the seminar extended content we have decided to add to the original schedule the development of an Evo2 based website. Not that we didn’t have enough content to fill the day :-), we will just compress the content and add Evo2 by starting the seminar with a close to life workshop; here is how it works:

There are two groups of participants

  1. Participants who have followed our daily workshops since the launch of XO 2011
  2. Participants who did not have the time to follow our daily exercises

The first hour of the Seminar will be a Workshop where we exercise collaboration between customer and designer, whereas each participant from Group 2 will work with 1 or 2 designers to finish off the work on the author blog and or as the case may be, on the Consultant blog.

Bianca will communicate the names of the mini teams later today, allowing you to anticipate by contacting each other and eventually exchange and or forward images, branding elements, access codes and so on.

The second hour of the Seminar will be spent looking at and discussing the work accomplished. We will have a critical look at the work of the designers as well as at the ‘customer’s’ behavior and we will judge the work in function of the following criteria:

  1. Most importantly: has the mission been accomplished in the set time frame
  2. Functionality and usability of the site
  3. Overall look and feel of the site
  4. Content

The rest of the time will be allocated to Evo2.

The Evo2 Project

Evo2 needs to be seen in the context of XO in as much as we aim for an integration of Flash with WordPress (and or the other way around) on the long run.

The schedule

  1. Understanding the structure of Evo2
  2. Planing the site: which elements do you want to use and which style/branding do you want to apply?
  3. Preparing the materials (Branding elements and content elements – namely images and eventually video)
  4. Editing the Content (cropping or editing images and graphics and preparing text and other media)
  5. Editing the XML files
  6. Loading to server

Finally we will enjoy looking at the various creations which round up our year with a real firework!


From the above you see that we have an extremely busy schedule and we will need to finish it within the given time. Team-work is therefore in demand – those who finish faster will help those who have slower lines; we will continue to work as teams like at the beginning of the Seminar. One of the main business aspects we exercise this way is to deliver in time!


Good mood, creativity, Photoshop where available and loads of good pictures (media).

We will load Evo2 to your Ycademy sandbox for the purpose of the seminar and work from there.

I will load a list of ideal file sizes for photos and media later today.