Get the New Facebook Timeline Profile

Get the new Facebook Profile before your Friends

So, you cannot wait to get the new Facebook Profile? I understand you as FB looks kind of old and uncool. In any case, the release of the nice and clean Google + must have inspired Facebook. Even if Facebook still has to progress on ‘good taste’, it’s getting better and I even may once in a while login and follow up on some contacts.

Facebook New Profile

My NewFacebook Profile

How to get the New Facebook Profile

The easiest way is by joining tonight’s call at YORGO Live at 7 pm London time and we will do it together.

Then of course you can do it yourself by following the steps here below.

1. Search FAcebook Developers and click : Create New App

2. Punch in a name, example: Fry a Buck

3. Enter the App Namespace, example: fry-a-buck

4. Go through the security check

5. From the manu to the left select Open Graph

6. Type in for example Fry and Buckinto the two respective fields

7. On the new page that opens, scroll to the bottom and SAVE.

8. Next page, scroll to the bottom and SAVE

9. Next page scroll to the bottom and Save and Finish

10. Head back to your profile and click on your name (top left) and you get the new Timeline Profile 🙂

Only developers who have also changed to the new profile will see your new profile for the time being, but of course you can allready take a screenshot and promote it on your blog :-).