Yorgo Nestoridis on Twitter

Yorgo Nestoridis on Twitter

Yorgo Nestoridis a new name on Twitter

Having done my homework, I put my name at last to Twitter. The first Question is: do I use my name or my business brand to build my link and contact on Twitter?

Name or Brand?

I started the account with the brand name YORGOO as user name and then I changed to Yorgo Nestoridis. The reason is simple: I am on Twitter as a person, a human, making himself available for contacts, interaction, collaboration, and to help to people who may be able to find something interesting in my Tweets or web sites. Yes it’s YorgoNestoridis my user name now.

Is it ‘dangerous’ to use your name on Twitter? This will depend on what you post. My rule is: don’t put anything on the internet you don’t want to be seen publicly. Password protected areas and security are not reliable and cases where online exhibitionism back-fires are increasing. So, just stick with the rule and entrust the Internet only with Content you like to share publicly.

Twitter to Communicate

Twitter is a great tool to keep in touch with friends from all over the planet. It’s easy, fast and mainly FUN! The popularity of Twitter makes it a great tool for its users as you can link to so many people you may have lost in the online jungle.

Twitter to streamline Communication

I have integrated Twitter into my Publishing framework at Yorgo Nestoridis, where you can follow the time line in the sidebar and as a user of that site, I can Tweet directly from the sidebar. In fact I never need to go to the Twitter website to communicate.

On the other hand, the Tweets received and published on my Twitter account fly directly into my Site via RSS and animate a Twitter Category. All interactivity is thus projected onto my blog, easy to follow, to edit, to store or to delete.

My Twitter Profile

The personal Twitter Profile is a tricky issue. I have centralized my online profile on Cashflowin for various reasons. Again, I don’t publish what I don’t want to be publicly visible. Therefore I don’t need any password protection. Open profiles are more visible and namely more Google efficient.

Social Networks and such like sites who force people to sign up and to login to see your profile use your profile to build THEIR contacts and list, not yours.

Also I want my profile to be under my control, unassociated with third party ads. Cashflowin offers your optimized profile as a free service and it’s efficiency is easy to demonstrate by typing into Google any Cashflowin user’s name: the cashflowin hosted profile will show up most likely on your top 10 or 20 search returns.

For this reason I paste into the profile field just my Cashflowin Link leading to my Profile.

My Twitter Site Design

You may have noticed that most of my sites have a similar rather minimalist look when it comes to web design. Usually my colors schemes gravitate around Black, White and Red, therefore I applied the same colors to my Twitter page.

My Twitter Location

Yet another tricky issue as my online presence is not linked to a location nor is my activity. As I had once and for all decided to work online exclusively, I am not interested to split my time between offline and online meetings as the online contacts expect more presence, faster reaction and almost permanent availability. Online I can take care of more people in less time and help out where needed.

My Twitter Expectations

I am mainly expecting feed-back and reactions to find out what contacts think about issues of common concern, products we promote and services we provide at YORGOO and related Enterprises. Getting fast constructive feed-back will allow us to improve our services and live up to users’ due expectations. And then I am expecting to have some fun by reading Tweets and reacting to them.

My Twitter Fun

Linked to my online activity, my fun will consist in going after the Keyword “Twitter” on Google; I will track the results on this site and keep you posted.

At present there are some 724,000,000 Google search returns on Twitter which looks like an interesting mountain to climb.