is Live goes live

It’s done! We have loaded the first draft of Cy Ford’s online Gallery to For the time being we run in private mode, but the next step will be to storm Google Top 10 with the new site.

Cy Ford Gallery

Cy Ford’s website is first of all a Gallery, place to exhibit paintings and Drawings online. The site allows the artist painter to bring his work in front of interested visitors and to sell straight of the site.

Flowers and Candles by Cy Ford

Flowers and Candles by Cy Ford

Best Buy Cy Ford Paintings and Drawings

An easy to follow purchase pipeline paired with secure check-out allows Cy Ford to sell his work online. The store is easy to maintain and works can be added with just a few mouse clicks. Buyers will be able to navigate in function of the various categories, such as Drawings, Acrylic Paintings, Landscapes, Still Life, Drawings and more.

Google Top 10

As per above, we will now optimize the site and then invite Google to index and list I suppose that within the next 24 hours we will see the first results on Google Top 10. Once Cy Ford indexed, we will add content to our target categories to reach higher visibility.

A special WP Best Gallery Feature

Surfing, you will notice that the site background changes; in fact we have built in a background rotator. The rotating images are Cy Ford’s works which can be purchased from the shop. This feature is a customization of WP Best Gallery by Semiomantics. More tomorrow.