Best WordPress Business Themes

Best WordPress Business Themes

To implement the WP Best Project we will start by setting up our site based on some important choices.

1. Hosting WordPress

While many hosts allow for easy WP set-up using Fantastico from cPanel, the hosting packs vary and do not always provide the needed quality for a feature rich WP based website.

Thinking ahead and considering the increased use of Media in connection with WP sites, we have built a hosting pack with unlimited space and bandwidth at the lowest rate ($35 per year) in collaboration with Hosting South Africa and ChiHosters.

For special needs, power-blogs and large sites needing increased Memory (64 MB or 128 MB) we are using specially set up servers with tariffs up to $34.95 per month including maintenance.

For the purpose of the WP Best Project, a $35 solution is perfect.

2. Domain

To personalize our business we use either a Business Brand or our personal Name. In the cae of the WP Best Project, I will use my existing name domain and add a sub-domain called Another idea was to call it consultant, wpconsiltant or similar.

You can now find the site HERE.

WP Best Business Theme

WP Best Business Theme

3. Best WordPress Business Themes

For years Semiomantics has built the best WP Business Themes by developing frameworks and scripts based on the work of the greatest designers and code developers out there. By associating the best web designs with the best scripts and by recoding, tuning and optimizing  the frameworks, Semiomantics websites have the most extraordinary Google Top 10 performance. Semiomantics Websites are not for everybody as they come in limited editions only.

For the Purpose of the WP Best Project I have selected the latest WP Business Theme by Semiomantics.

WP Best Business Theme

WP Best Business Theme

The theme allows to present Featured work and Services on the compelling home page and to personalize it with just a few mouse clicks by filling in the blanks from the admin dashboard.

Look out for the next post, where I will show you how to make the best use of the site Theme by adding content and using the built in features.