Windows Live Mail Source Editing

No Source Editing with Windows Live Mail

There is no email source editing on Windows Live Mail. What a deception for all Windows 7 users!

It seems that Microsoft sacrificed this useful feature to enable photo mailing.

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Workaround to Edit Email Source in Windows 7

Having gone through all options and recommendations of the Microsoft savvy community, from copy paste, mailing with another device and more, I finally have opted to simply use Windows Mail from Vista for sending and receiving mails and to leave Live Mail the default for Photo Mailing.

The advantage of this solution is that you will find all your mail rules and settings automatically again (if you have upgraded from Windows Vista).

Install Windows Mail on Windows 7

There is an easy way. Windows Mail comes bundled with Windows 7 but you cannot run it.

Interestingly all the download sites for the famous Windows Mail zip have taken off the file, while the corresponding posts are still referenced. Maybe Microsoft has a claim for illegal distribution of their software.

1. You can however do the following. Zip up your Windows Mail Folder on Windows Vista.

2. Rename the Windows Mail Folder in Windows 7 to Windows Mail Old.

3. Unzip the zip into Windows 7.

4. Pin the .exe file to the Start Menu and fire up your Windows Mail :-).

The Solution of Last Resort

Search Google for a File called If you are lucky you still find it somewhere …

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