Ycademy Online Seminar August 2015

Windows 10 and more

So, you are still in holiday mood? Then, let’s get back to work with a soft Seminar, reviewing Windows 10 and all the stuff we have forgotten about running a Windows driven computer.

This is not a Windows driven machine ...

This is not a Windows driven machine …

We will have a look at the new browser, Edge, and the Cortana engine, Synchronization, Security and general settings, connectivity and customization.

Besides Windows 10 we will … once more … look at the moon. Tonight is full moon and there will be another super moon in September. Let’s profit from the occasion and review some of our knowledge about night shooting.

Do you remember the Photographer’s Ephimeris? Their new desktop version and mobile app make it an even more useful tool than before.

Don’t think that you need sophisticated equipment to shoot the moon; of course a 1200 mm full frame lens will deliver great results, but our point and shoot device can do the trick as well, provided we respect some basic rules.


Taken yesterday with a 6 year old P&S

Oh, I forgot to tell you: this seminar is free of charge and the schedule will be set as needed and required. The only thing we know for sure is that we start at 1 pm London time …

Let’s have an interesting and stimulating week-end!