Ycademy Online Seminar May 2015

Hosting and Reseller Hosting

As we are reaching the end of a long period of development, we will dedicate this seminar to Hosting and Reseller Hosting, a service to be provided by YORGOO to our Developers and Webmasters.


1. The Idea

While YORGOO.com is a WordPress based Publishing Platform where we focus on providing the best WP set-up at the lowest possible budget, there are situations where customers have needs beyond WordPress or simply the desire to manage a self-hosted installation. For this reason we are building “the other” YORGOO at YORGOO.net, where partnering with HostGator, Enom, Namecheap and others we will provide extended hosting and hosting related services to customers.

Santorini Oia

Santorini Oia

2. YORGOO Developers

YORGOO Developers will get in control of their customers’ hosting. To achieve this goal, we will set up a reseller hosting account for each developer with access to WHM, the web hosting management panel.

3. The Workshop

The seminar will be a big workshop where we will implement the above.

  1. Change DNS
  2. Create private Name servers
  3. Create Packages
  4. Creating Accounts
  5. Manage Accounts
  6. Support

4. Schedule

As usual we will start at 1 pm London Time on Saturday as well as on Sunday. Depending on the progress we will skip one or the other evening session.

5. Benefit

Maximum flexibility and independence while relying on the best support ever. Also, by creating the Reseller Hosting set up, we will be able to manage and shift websites from YORGOO.com to self-hosted set-ups on YORGOO.net as the case may be and group developers’ customer accounts in a meaningful way.

Also: for SEO, security and flexibility reasons we insist on our policy to set up for each site a cPanel. We will therefore not limit the number of cPanels a developer can set up, however we will fix a quota of disk space.

Santorini Imerovigli

Santorini Imerovigli

The reseller hosting set-up is the best deal in the market paired with the advantages resulting from the YORGOO eco-system.

Any reseller will be able to evolve the personal business to a full fetched hosting business with its own billing system and so on; however to start with, you start on the YORGOO infrastructure where you will be able to monitor your customers from YORGOO’s customer portal.

6. Pricing

The list of products and the pricing will be determined within the next few days depending on the interest and needs of YORGOO developers.


A steep leaning curve is ahead of us while adding another cobblestone to the path of success.