Ycademy Seminar March 2015

YORGOO Early Bird

Ycademy March 2015 is designed for Ycademy Pros and YORGOO Shareholders. Having finalized the structural works on YORGOO we are now ready to invite our close friends to populate the YORGOO platform.

Ycademy Pros on YORGOO

Ycademy Pros and YORGOO Shareholders will get a special status: by signing up for a Developer Membership you will get the possibility to build multiple websites on the YORGOO Platform; the exact number will be determined after consultation at the seminar. The idea is to provide a multi-site set-up to each developer; you can use the sites for your own purposes or for customers.

Also, we suggest to move your sites from HSA servers to the YORGOO platform, as on YORGOO we take advantage of what we evaluate as the most secure and advanced hosting facilities available for WordPress based websites..

The privileged YORGOO Developer account will give you access to the most professional software and themes available for WordPress based development and save hundreds of dollars in licensing and hosting fees. More importantly, YORGOO guarantees professional hosting and software management as well as the most advanced security and backup features. While we take every possible measure to prevent hacks, we will fix your site at no cost should the worst happen, guaranteed!

At YORGOO we focus not only on security, but also on performance. In fact, site loading speed optimization, content delivery through CDN and caching are implemented by admin for all sites on the YORGOO network. SSL will be implemented globally for all YORGOO sub-domains, special arrangements for mapped domains are available. More details about the SSL strategy and options will be communicated shortly.

Besides the features for developers available on YORGOO, special arrangements are possible, be it for loading a particular theme, plugin or other software for a specific site, provided such software is designed for WP multi-site. Small fees may apply.

The Seminar

In line with our most recent Seminars, we will further explore the rich features of WordPress as available on YORGOO. Whether you use a self-hosted WP or a YORGOO website, development and editing workflows have become more efficient and professional. While content remains king, presentation is equally important specially when taking into account the importance of mobile devices. In this respect, information architecture and the translation thereof into efficient layouts and linking are of paramount importance.

The seminar will first of all guide through the YORGOO Dashboard for developers. You will be surprised about the array of professional tools and features which can be activated and used for the development of smashing websites.

We will then create a sample website based on templates, snippets and short-codes and show how to create header-, footer- and other templates to customize archives, shopping pages and more.


There will be no seminar tickets; the seminar is available for active YORGOO Members and shareholders. Please look out for Bianca’s mail invitation. Also, please cancel your Ycademy Pro subscription as it will be replaced by the YORGOO special Developer’s Subscription.