Ycademy Online Seminar December 2013

YORGOO Pro Publisher

WordPress based publishing remains the most efficient way to build meaningful websites for most any purpose. For many self-hosted WP set ups are a complex matter, YORGOO has developed Pro Publisher, the all-round solution for optimized publishing.

The Seminar will focus on the all new, pre-release YORGOO Pro Publisher, whereas participants will set up a second site after the profile site from 2 weeks ago.

What is YORGOO Pro Publisher?

YORGOO Publisher simply is the most advanced managed WordPress Publisher out there. No need to take care of hosting issues, updates, maintenance or hacks. It’s all included in this most optimized environment. Also, YORGOO Pro Publisher Admin have multiple advantages, such as the possibility of creating multiple sites from their dashboard as well as the option to participate in the YORGOO Affiliate program.

At the Seminar we will go step by step through the set up of features and options of Pro Publisher.

More info to follow.

Seminar Schedule

The seminar will take place on Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 1 p.m. till 9 p.m. London Time.

Tickets and Discounts as usual from below; please contact bianca(at)ycademy.com for the code.