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BuddyPress powers YORGOO Blaster

Vouliagmeni, May 10, 2009 by Yorgo Nestoridis

BuddyPress new perspectives with YORGOO Blaster

YN — YORGOO Blaster, the most efficient low cost Search Engine Marketing system has been hooked to BuddyPress in the YORGOO Media Framework. First admin tests are  on the way and here is an invitation for all users to set up and to test YORGOO Blasters on YORGOO Media. The fact to combine YORGOO Blaster with BuddyPress opens new perspectives, namely because of the way we handle syndicated authors: check out the  fast growing members list which gives an indication about the lead generation potential of YORGOO Media. But there is more, much more.

YORGOO Media, BuddyPress and YORGOO Blaster a FIRST

For the first time we have realized an application which combines high speed lead generation with high tocuh ads delivery. While in the past, lead generation was separated from product marketing, YORGOO Media sets a new milestone in online marketing and business development. Our numbers prove it and we will report about the progress over the next few days.

Work from Home good News

Home business developers and people working from home: this is the best news we could ever release: YORGOO Media is the perfect combination of Social Networking, Social Network Marketing and Product and Business Opportunity Marketing ever: the performance is unique and the cost just about peanuts. Working from Home often means mobilizing huge means to outsource marketing in order to reach significant results: this is over with YORGOO Media. YORGOO media can be run as a one-man show or as a network; imagine a Networking Team in  MLM Business using YORGO Media to generate leads, to promote products or services and opportunities and to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere where pros and consumers meet communicating about topics of common private and professional interest!

YORGOO Media BuddyPress outlook

We are not yet sure about the future of YORGOO media; originally we have set it up to test a new Social Media Marketing concept, combined with the benefits of Semiomantics Search Engine Marketing. The efforts of our 10 beta testers deserve respect and recognition. Maybe we will just create a closed small community of users letting them continue to use the system also in the future?

The ultimate benefits of YORGOO Media

YORGOO Media, as it is set up at present, replaces for the user YORGOO Blaster and all related tasks as unlimited numbers of blogs can be created on a mouse-click; it also replaces the need for an authority site as we have loaded multiple authority site scripts, namely the original script from YORGOO Publishing; it furthermore replaces the need for an Authors site as we have loaded the original Yorgo Private theme as featured on BiancaGubalke.com, and again, users can set up as many of these sites as they want.

There is more: YORGOO Media is a hosted and managed solution: no need for a hosting account, no problems with cpanel and FTP, no need to edit HTML or php, no need to sort out technical problems, it’s all included.

The best of all: YORGOO Media in it’s present configuration is the first and only WPMU Social Network that is run as areal members program in contrast to all the owner’s programs: all users enjoy the same privileges as admin in as much as performance and monetization related features are concerned.

YORGOO Media is an ideal network according to YORGOO’s sharing philosophy! However, there are limits and these limits are amongst others of financial nature: we expect exploding hosting cost with increasing active user accounts and the freedom to create unlimited numbers of sites, all equipped with the ultiate Semiomantics tools and integrated in the social network powered by BuddyPress. We are trying to evaluate the impact and to compile some numbers to evaluate the future we can possibly reserve for YORGOO Media.

YORGOO Media Themes

Here are a few examples of YORGOO Media themes(click a picture and navigate on the overlay:

YORGOO Publishing
Hosting South Africa Blaster
Personal Blaster

The YORGOO Press Theme is not yet available, but be sure: we will get there. Also we will add our best themes and scripts ever produced, such as the dublicator script, the autiontalklive script and the yorgonestoridis script, which are all built on Semiomantics and have outstanding results on Google.

Next Step

Set up a few blasters and test the themes; we will monitor closely the behavior of the site and report back to you. the test phase is extended for another week, so the beta users have time to test grab as many benefits as possible. We are still struggling with some technical issues and the ride will not yet be as smooth as desired, the results however will be there!

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