How to Make Money with Images

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How to Make Money with Images

My earlier article made it immediately to Google’s top 10 under “How to make money with images”:

How to Make Money with Images on Google

How to Make Money with Images on Google

There are 129,000,000 search returns and one shut was enough to reach top 10 with YORGOO Publishing.

Go to Google top 10 with YOUR YORGOO Publishing

YORGOO Publishing is a Semiomantics site which has served as a playground for development over the last 15 month. The result is a highly visible site an any keyword targeted by YORGOO Publishing.

You too can have a YORGOO Publishing site! There are two ways of getting one:either you get a Semiomantics YORGOO Publishing installed on your domain and host or you grab it from YORGOO Media. The advantage of your own site is clear: your domain, your full control; the disadvantage is also evident: the cost.

The YORGOO Media solution has it’s advantages as well: the cost and the fact that you don’t have to care about any web master problems, hosting problems and such like. The disadvantage: you may not be able to give it an additional tweak, nor is it installed on your domain.

Learn about the YORGOO Publishing Concept

YORGOO Publishing is a concept which has been well described by Bianca Gubalke on a video loaded to YouTube. Contact Binca for further information at bianca(at)

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