How to Make Money with Images

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How to Make Money with Images

Make Money with Images starts with the Display

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To Make Money with Images associate a payment gateway with the image.

In order to make money with images, you first need to enable visitors to see the images in a meaningful way.

Attractive Display of Images

To get the best out of pictures, make sure you use very good quality pictures and then display them in the most impressive way possible. Quality and Size matter!

Take the above example: the top sideshow can be viewed in full screen mode and it will display great quality screen shots in large size.

Associate a Payment Gateway to each Image

If you are selling images or products represented by images, make sure you associate a payment button with the image, allowing the viewer to immediately proceed to the check out. In the above case there are PayPal Buttons associated with the images. Each button may have it’s own value allowing thus to specify prices individually for each picture of a gallery or slide show.

Protect your Images: Watermarks

Associate a watermark to each image, namely to the large sizes and specially if you display high quality images.

How to Make Money with Images: learning

The above gallery and payment gateway integration are largely automated and do not require advanced knowledge nor the creation of paypal buttons. We have added this feature to the collection of Semiomantics Tuning Tools and we will implement it on a larger scale at our Ycademy online Seminar which takes place on May 30 and 31, 2009.

This feature is interesting for people selling graphics, art, photos or any product which can be represented by a picture. It replaces a shop in as much as it can be configured either with a buy now or a add to cart button, using basic PayPal features.

By Creating a static or dynamic product page, the products can display in form of Pictures in Grid View, and as above, a slides show representing all items can be added to make the place more attractive and to display detail views or large size views on full screen mode.

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