Listen UP London

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Listen Up London

Listen Up London is an amazing young brand for media production. Christian George’s talent is obvious, reason why people like Global Sports US entrust Listen Up London with media production. Recently I had the opportunity to provide Listen Up London with some animated Logo footage which is added to clips shut and edited by Christian.

Listen Up London

Looking at Listen Up London’s Clips and Photographic work at You Tube and Tumblr, I though it was worth the while promoting my friend and his business, the more that he is living a passion and a dream he is realizing at the sacrifice of many distractions.

In fact Christian has bought appropriate equipment based on a Canon 500D to shoot high quality clips which correspond to the standards customers require these days.

Listen Up London

The features picture here is not by Christian, but I just liked this snapshot taken at the Global US Store in London. I pinched it from Christian’s Tumblr and did some post editing as you can see.

Working for Christian was a pleasure, refreshing, quick and direct: our communication was about entirely mobile based and to make things easier, I just registered the domain to load the previews of our project.

Listen Up London

Christian does not yet have his own domain, host and website, but it’s on hist list of priorities. In the mean time I use the domain to build a promotional website for him under the umbrella of semiomantics developments. The goal is to create an XO based website which can be inserted into facebook. The actual site is up and running. The facebook implementation is under development.

In any case, I am sure, in the near future, Listen Up London will be seen all over the place and from Semiomantics we wish Christian all the best with his passion and great work!

Listen Up London

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