Publishing and Editing Images 2

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Publishing and Editing Images 2: Slide shows and Galleries

Editing slide shows is one thing, delivering them is another. There are a few factors which will impact on your visitors Surfing Experience.

Slide shows: the technology you use on your site

Slide shows: the technology your visitor uses

Slide shows: the technology you use on your site

Using a WordPress based website you have multiple options. You can just use galleries from the built in media module.

Example 1: Images are loaded into the WP Media Folder using the upload tool associated with the post editor.

Bianca Gubalke Hearing
Bianca Gubalke Reflections
Cool Iris

To display the pictures as a slide show, you need some additional soft ware, plug-ins.

Example 2: Images are loaded into a Image Management Module and rendered as an embedded slide show:

The above depends mainly of the technology used on your website since most computers can render such slide shows and there is therefore no discrimination of users who are not equipped with software beyond default.

Slide shows: the technology your visitor uses

With the increasing popularity of Social Media, some interesting applications have been developed which allow Internet users to improve their surfing experience by installing additional soft on their computers. The success of such soft depends on the number of sites which add corresponding features to their development.

Here is an example and I would suggest you download the software on your Computer profit fully from the 3D effects. By the way: FaceBook, Flickr and YORGOO Media are equipped with these add-ons, to mention just a few.

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=][singlepic id=11 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=]

Watch now: when you pass your mouse over a picture, you notice a button:

Cool Iris

Cool Iris

If you click on it, your local 3D image wall will render the images, try on one of the above pictures.

Download your CoolIris Browser and install it on your computer and then watch and be amazed about the new experience.

We can take this further and show a whole wall of our images on the website:

How about showing my Flickr Pics on a CoolIris wall?

It’s possible, watch out for the next post.

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