The Purpose and Future of YORGOO Media

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YORGOO Media a unique Online Publisher

YORGOO Media has been set up to implement Media oriented Publishing Technology and to make such technology available to a large public.

Media Publishing Oriented

Online Publishing has become very popular, namely due to the development of Web 2.0 applications, made available on social networks. YORGOO Media recognizes the limitations of social networks and develops publishing tools out side the closed vase environments of social networks and membership programs to provide search engine efficient solutions.

The trend to Media Publishing is explosive namely due to the proliferation of mobile devices, digital cameras, i Tunes, i Pods as well as the desire to share private media in a meaningful way. Slide Show evenings, Super8 home projection, scrap books and photo albums needed to find practical online solutions beyond the limitations social networks can offer.

YORGOO Media is exploring the  use of multi-media features on personal and professional websites with the goal to provide interactive media solutions.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Freedom of Speech and Expression online finds it’s limits in technology, cost and personal know-how. YORGOO Media strives to provide the best technology at the lowest cost. To acquire the necessary know-how Ycademy Online Seminars provide the ideal solution for online publishers with monthly 2 days events and weekly live calls.

YORGOO Media Test Results

For ten days extensive tests have been conducted to test YORGOO Media’s unique framework: YORGOO Media is the only Multi-user Blogging and Social Network which includes all features and advantages of a self hosted Semiomantics site. Paired with BuddyPress and the most aggressive publishing features YORGOO Media has proven in this short time how attention grabbing YORGOO publishing can be. Check out our test results on Great Brak River featuring unequaled performance (you may have to read between the lines) with Africa YORGOO Media.

YORGOO Media Features

YORGOO Media provides users with a Social Media Blogging and Networking platform second to none. In fact, YORGOO Media is the automated and application oriented implementation of the YORGOO Publishing Concept as described by Bianca Gubalke a few weeks ago subsequent to the Ycademy online Seminar in February 2009:

YPConcept 1

YP Concept 1

YP Concept 2

YP Concept 2

In these two clips, Bianca finds her way through the YPC and demonstrates a possible application of the YORGOO Publishing concept. Her subsequent implementation using her self-hosted sites has proven to be efficient and crowned by success on all targeted keywords.

This concerns sites such as Bianca Gubalke, the Author site, Auction Talk Live, an authority site, Touch Vision Talk, a second authority site on YORGOO Press, the Online Profile on and of course a load of self-hosted YORGOO Blasters.

The problem with that concept is of course: it’s work. It’s a struggle with technology, hosting, configuring and more. Bianca wants to focus on editing her original content and creations, rather than spending time on cleaning MySQL databases, maintaining a server,  upgrade plug-ins, tweaking and tuning, running after email server issues, or many other such tasks which are time consuming and which can be outsourced at a relatively reasonable cost.

YORGOO Media offers a hosted, yet fully customizable solution for exactly Bianca’s user profile. The YORGOO Media Platform offers it’s users the possibility to set up on one account multiple blogs and to integrate them with the YORGOO Media Social Network.

Author Blog: a fully Semiomantics enabled Author Theme (Yorgo Private) is preloaded and pre-configured exactly the way Bianca’s Author blog. For Authority Blogs different solutions are built in, namely a clone of YORGOO Publishing (Auction talk Live to come). The YORGOO Blaster is working brilliantly on the platform. Additional themes are loaded, namely the famous Atahualpa which can be customized by users to build over 2300 themes.

The only Semiomantics theme we could not integrate to satisfaction so far is YORGOO Press, namely because of its extravagant dealing with images and videos. Future development may remedy.

The BuddyPress integration allows to meet people, form groups, exchange messages, wires and share blog content. BuddyPress puts the individual Google-efficient blogs straight into the context of a social network. Cross links to major Social Networks such as Twitter or Facebook provide completely new perspectives. One of the consequences is: the most incredible multi dimensional lead generating system (more about this aspect in a live call and at the next Ycademy Seminar).

The Ultimate YORGOO Media Kick

With the release of VideoPress, YORGOO Media has the possibility to build it’s own streaming video platform integrated in right into the existing multi-user environment.

This is the most amazing add on to any publishing platform: get live video streaming to your site. But there is more: users can upload and share most any format of video, from YouTube to personal clips taken with the own video cam, from iTunes to windows media to mov and AVI formats.

VideoPress is a one-click application that allows you to create streaming high definition videos on your blog, or anywhere on the web. You can even create an instant video podcast right from your blog feed.

Technical Requirements

To realize our plans with YORGOO Media we will need to build the necessary hardware on server side. Here an idea of the Architecture required:

Video Press Architecture

Video Press Architecture

(Click to see in original size)

The feature  requires at least one file server and one dedicated video transcoder. Considerable amount of PHP coding and system administration skills are required to install, customize and deploy these modules. I let you appreciate the beauty of the architecture on the image above.

The cost of the Project

There are two main cast factors: hosting and development. Development can be kept low as we can do most if not all of the required tasks in house. Hosting is another issue: without the Video features we have reached the limits of a dedicated server with just 12 users who have loaded some 80 sites all in all and who have set up over 400 feeds coming in, without counting internal cross feeding. Massive pinging and links out complete the fast growing expansive communication network.

Our tests show that hosting cost will mainly depend of the features we allow users to dispose of. However, the ideal would be to preserve complete freedom of expression and publishing, using the best and most efficient techniques. To exactly evaluate such cost we need to run additional tests, namely with the video streaming feature in combination with the best Semiomantics features.

The Economic Model

Cost for the YORGOO Media products can be covered in two ways:

Free YORGOO Media users with access to basic functions: Admin reserves the right to place ads to free sites.

Professional users with ads free sites will have to upgrade on a per feature, per month or per year base.

Partners: possibly we will have to invite partners to carry the cost of the network.

The Target Customer

YORGOO media is for anyone who would like to publish in a clean environment, hassle free, branded and yet keeping complete control over content while participating in a Social Network of like minded publishers. YORGOO Media is also for Home and Small Business owners as it allows to create great visibility at the lowest possible cost. Networkers will appreciate YORGOO Media for its lead generation qualities as well as to communicate with co-workers and prospects.

Finally: private people who would want to share media and to use the Internet in a customized way, far from the big brother sites who tend to collect personal and behavioral data for their own commercial purposes.

We will inform about further development of the thrilling YORGOO Media project


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