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How to set up a Money Making Blog

We are looking at 4 essential elements needed to make money with your blog.

1. Traffic

Where there are no visitors, there is no money. Traffic will depend on how well you communicate the existence of your content or how well you promote your blog. Some of the most used ways to bring visitors to our blog are email, search engine optimization, aggregators, social networking, wod to mouth. In short: all means of communication are good to make people aware of our blog or a blog post.

2. Content

While the first task of your content is to be noticed by search engines and spiders in order to be indexed and listed in the most appropriate way, the second task is to provide your reader content of interest and value.

The indexing and listing makes it possible for people to find your posts when they search for information, solutions, benefits or for whatever they may type into a search box.

Once they are on your site, the quality of you content will decide on your success; it can build trust, inspire authority and most importantly, it can trigger people to help you promote your blog by sharing the post or URL with friends.

3. Ads

As a publisher, you want to optimize the mix of content and advertising. Many studies exist about how much space to allocate to ads and where to place commercial content. In fact there are no general rules as the optimization will depend on your topic and targeted readership and what your visitors expect (and are used to).

One rule however seems to make its way: don’t exaggerate! Too high density of ads annoys your visitors, namely if they came to your site for its content. A few well placed ads are more efficient than a page displaying ads and pop-ups all over the screen.

4. Your Publishing Framework

This is the technical aspect of your venture. A website is a publication and you are a publisher. Your Publishing framework can help you to better promote you content and to display content to your audience in a more attractive and eye catching way. The framework is also responsible for the first impression based on your choices for a layout and style  (colors, images, graphics, fonts and so on).

Blog for Money

Blog for Money

You framework is the technical back bone of your site as well. It can contain all sorts of features which automate processes and make your life easier. Your advertising features and mechanisms can be part of the framework and run on a set and forget base.

There are many ways to display ads or to add commercial content to your site. We will post about a whole array of means at your disposal in our next post.

How to Build a Money Making Blog?

We will spend the coming week-end at the Ycademy Online Seminar where we will build a Framework which is optimized for delivering ads to our target audience. We will report about the event next week.