Clacton Airshow 2010 Images

Clacton Airshow 2010 Images

The Clacton Airshow 2010 attracts again loads of spectators and hobby as well as professional photographers. Taking a picture is one thing, getting it to the top of Google is yet another story.

Zo Nicholas has beaten them all with the publication of her images, using a Semiomantics XO Publishing Framework.

Clacton Airshow 2010 Images on Google Top 10

The topic is still hot and there are a lot of changes on the Google Top 10 on Clacton Airshow 2010 Images.

Clacton Airshow 2010 Image

Here the first hot screen-shot I took last night:

Clacton Airshow 2010 Images on Google Top 10

Zo comes in right after the BBC and ahead of YORGOO on Google rank 2. Note at the bottom on rank 10!

YORGOO Publishing Network on Google Top 10

Zo Nicholas site is hooked to the YORGOO Publishing Network and she contributes to various publications. The effect is evident: the publishing power of the network assures rapid deployment and high visibility of content.

As you saw above, 3 top 10 entries in just a few hours. However the deployment was not over at this stage.

When I looked at the issue early this morning, the face had changed:

Clacton Airshow Images on Google Top 10

A second wave shows still 3 top 10 positions with Garden Route Publishing on the number 2 spot (Garden Route Publishing has just been upgraded to the brand new Semiomantics XO Media Framework which will be released later this year).

Surprise, surprise, there comes a good old YORGOO Blaster in as well on rank 2! and finally Ycademy, this time on rank 9.

Just an hour later, this is what I get right now:

Zo Nicholas on rank 5 and YORGOO Publishing on rank 10; and I am sure it will change again during the day as the deployment is not finished yet. Also I would expect this post to become visible soon, as well as another post I loaded the Destinations Expo :-).