Free Viral Lead Generation with Twitter

Social Media Marketing with Twy2

Automated Viral Online Advertising with Twy2

Twy2, the new Social Media Marketing Tool has been tested with success at last night’s Ycademy Call. The installation is easy and the script works smoothly. This is unique Automated Viral Online Advertising!

As you will see form our Twitter Digest, there is no fundamental difference between online marketing targeting Google Top 10 and Social Network or Media Marketing. In the end of the day, the name of the game is: Targeting, delivering value, building contact hooks under your control (mailing lists, YORGOO) and conversion on a site outside the social network, again under your or your merchants control.

Twy2 is a simple tool which will add to all your blurbs online a viral touch, using twitter and ultimately Facebook in as much as your two accounts are hooked together. You can take it further to other networks, your imagination is the limit.

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Free Lead Generation with Twitter, Twy2 and YORGOO in 7 Steps

During August, we will shape YORGOO to expand it’s appeal to Social Networking communities. Twy2 will serve as a tool to help all users to virally generate traffic and leads from Twitter and other social networks.

Step 1: Get Twy2 from HERE

Step 2: Unzip and edit twy2.php using your text editor (notepad or PSPad)

Step 3: Edit Line 14 by replacing my ID 1 in the link with your YORGOO ID

Step 4: Edit line 21 – replace the URL with the URL of your twy2 page (where you will load your twt2.php script on your server)

Step 5: Edit Lines 39 to 46 by replacing or entering your Messages (to activate additional messages, just delete the two forward slashes at the beginning of the concerned lines. Type your Message between the quotes, replacing “Message 2, 3, 4,..”.

Step 6: Edit Line 58: replace my Twitter user name with yours, so people can follow you.

Step 7: Load the page to your server (so that it will be found using the link you typed in to line 21 (step 4 above)

Test it and Tweet about it.