Google Top 10 Dominate your Keyword

How to Dominate your Keyword on Google Top 10

This is a live example about how to Grab your Keyword on Google Top 10. To start with you need to select the targeted keyword. For the purpose of this exercise I have selected a new trend keyword: Social Network Publishing.

The Purpose of Chasing the Keyword Social Network Publishing: Sharing knowledge about how to publish on and to Social Networks and building visible Authority in the field. Reviewing and Promoting the best Social Network Publishing Concepts and Means, for the time being the unbeaten Semiomantics Conceptual Social Publishing Assets.

Google Top 10 for Social Network Publishing

Google returns over 40 million search results on Social Network Publishing:

Google Top 10 for Social Network Publishing

Google Top 10 for Social Network Publishing

While this site ranks on rank 4 and 5 for the time being, we believe that the result can be improved by applying the rules as recommended by Ycademy.

Google Top 10 Step 1

Get a domain name featuring your keyword, preferably a TLD (Top Level Domain, com/net/org) and in the ideal case a .com.

socialnetworkpublishing in .com is not available, however, lucky me, .net and .org are free. Also on Google Top 10 the corresponding .com is not present.

I will therefore register and at yorGOdom my preferred Domain Host.

Google Top 10 Step 2

My new domain needs a website. Social Network Publishing is a defined niche I will therefore use a Niche Script from Semiomantics, YORGOO Booster for my .net and a YORGOO Blaster for the .org.

Google Top 10 Step 3

Now I will need hosting. YORGOO Blaster and Booster are WordPress based Semiomantics scripts. I am looking for the best available WordPress hosting at the lowest price. As a lucky YORGOO Pro, I have a free hosting account and I have a unlimited ChiHosters account for just a few bucks per year. My goal is to host the two sites on two different hosts and two different IP addresses.

Google Top 10 Step 4

Budget: My Hosting and domains amount to less than $100 per year for two unlimited cPanel Hosting accounts (yes, I don’t like to use add-on domains for this purpose as they have the same IP address.) and two TLDs.

Projected Income: there is still limited traffic to that keyword, however it’s specialized and highly targeted, mostly professional traffic. Google Ads could be a solution at least partially, however I would not expect to get quickly to $200 – $300 per month with Adsense. More interesting in a B to B environment are products and services for pros. Semiomantics Products and services range from $67 for a Booster or Blaster script to $1850 for a full featured Semiomantics Custom set up. Referral bonuses range from $100 to $300 and as I am an authorized YORGOO Booster Reseller, I earn 100% on each YORGOO Booster sale.

Expectations: The new sites will prove the quality and performance of  YORGOO Booster and YORGOO Blaster and promote the script to a targeted professional audience. Also: having registered 2 domains, I will be able to sell one of the two sites installed, configured and visible on Google Top 10 or Top 20 as a going concern and turnkey solution. Price Target for a quick deal: $300, half for  Ycademy or YORGOO Pros or Semiomantics Customers. Please Contact Bianca Gubalke at: bianca AT ycademy DOT com .

Further investment: My Time; this factor is optimized because I am using the YORGOO Publishing Concept, whereas site maintenance and content are collateral effects of what I am publishing anyway.

Google Top 10 Next Step

I will now go and set up my two sites and then be back with the next steps to conquer Google Top 10 with Social Network Publishing.