NextGen Gallery on Ycademy Framework

NextGen Gallery on Ycademy Framework

NextGen Gallery integration with the release candidate of the future Ycademy Framework was the topic of last night’s Webmaster training. The recommended basic configuration of NextGen Gallery was easy to implement. The numerous widget hooks on the Ycademy Framework release candidate allow for efficient display of images.

Here are some of the results – click on the screenshots to see original size:

Alejandra Neri

[singlepic id=97 w=480 h=360 mode=web20 float=]

Alex imports some beautiful waves.

Laetitia Paris

[singlepic id=100 w=480 h=360 mode=web20 float=]

Mouches de Beurre for ever!

Hanno Coetzee

[singlepic id=99 w=480 h=360 mode=web20 float=]

Garden Route Fishing.

Felisa Ryan

[singlepic id=98 w=480 h=360 mode=web20 float=]

Already at the Beach.

Larrie Perkins

[singlepic id=101 w=480 h=360 mode=web20 float=]

Timeless Corvette

And there is more: Gene Line with Car Parts, Ute Schaedler with Health related topics, Brenda Baker with Rural Style …

The Ycademy Framework

Ycademy is the Working Title for a new Framework Development by Semiomantics, based on the Framework used on Yorgo Nestoridis. The framework unites Semiomantics Google Top 10 modules as well as all the necessary hooks for future oriented Media publishing.

Semantic Communication using other media than the written word is of paramount importance a society where communication has no boarders and where people have shifted from reading to viewing and listening, sensing and feeling. A public release is not planned before the end of the year as more development is required. Customized applications are however already under construction.

Ycademy Pro’s will be the first to receive the final release as part of their Ycademy Pro Pack.

Webmaster Trainings

Ycademy Webmaster Trainings take place each Friday at 8 pm GMT. They are free to attend and take place at Ycademy’s online Conferencing Facility.

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