Astroblogy Project Gemini

Astroblogy Horoscope Project Report: 24 hours into the Horoscope Project

Less than 24 hours ago we have registered the domain and set up a new sub-domain at and as I write we are already indexed by Google and properly listed.

Astroblogy on Google #2 of 39,000,000

Astroblogy on Google #2 of 39,000,000


Horoscope YORGOO on Google

Horoscope YORGOO on Google


You may notice that we have used the authority of to promote the new sites as well as this present site, which may have helped greatly.


The envisaged Structure of the Free Horoscope Project is our final out-put site, the publication we would like to bring in front of interested readers. The site uses the Magazine Theme from Semiomantics which we use also on The configuration of that site is finished. We now need to work on the graphics to enhance the look of the publication and we will look for some advertisers for the sidebar.

Work in Progress

Work in progress


 is a Semiomantics S site, tuned for aggressive publishing and aggregating. the site is linking back to Bianca Gubalke’s 12 YORGOO Blasters targeting the 12 Signs Horoscopes under the umbrella of Love Horoscopes. The YORGOO Blasters link back to and import the feed per category.

In addition the plan foresees to hook to each sign category on a YORGOO Blaster. I will do just one for demo purposes: Gemini. For this reason I have set up this morning a YORGOO Blaster at for the Gemini Horoscope syndicate (wonder how long it takes to list this one…).

This YORGOO Blaster will get the feed from category Gemini Horoscope plus it will syndicate external sources, such as Bianca Gubalke’s Gemini Blaster.


The next step

Besides the aforementioned populating of, we need to work on cross linking and content for We also need to prepare the feed format to be used by to feed the content into the predefined fields in the lay-out of

In fact my Horoscope Publishing will take plave on the Ycademy Site, not on Astroblogy. The posts will be fed and published automatically in the right format on Astroblogy; that’s the theory … I will report on progress and practical results.